Come Heal with Intention in Sacred Space

Remote healings and what you can expect:

We will work over the phone, on speaker or with headphones, and will begin with a client interview, so that I may learn what you have come for. We will discuss the various shamanic techniques that I use and that you feel comfortable with receiving.  You will be smudged remotely with sage and/or palo santo and l will guide you into a grounding and protective exercise and will begin the opening of sacred space. You will be lying down  comfortably, with a blanket and eye covering and I will be working with your etheral body on a massage table in my beautiful sacred healing space. With your permission and with intention I will place my hands and fingertips at the base of your skull leading you into a deeper state of relaxation and guided imagery. I will perform one or more of the shamanic techniques discussed in the client interview and that is most appropriate and called for at the time. We will have a client check-in after the healing and you will be offered suggestions for follow-up, self-care and integration.


Techniques I Work With

    • Shamanic Journeying – Shamanic journeying is tens of thousand of years old and is our divine birth rite and often natural ability to access and interact with the non-physical or spiritual world using our senses and extraordinary senses. Monotone vibrations (drumming, rattling, chanting) assist the mind in attuning to this living universal energy field – accessed through our theta brain waves – where it is sometimes perceived as a parallel universe, dimension or hidden terrain and has been referred to as the astral plane or to be utilizing one’s shamanic consciousness. Here one can interact with the loving, compassionate, powerful and wise spirits, guides, animals, ancestors and angels and ask with one’s attention and intention to receive information, healing or guidance.
    • Soul Illumination – Emotional and physical charges and traumas can get “imprinted” into the Luminous Energy Field (LEF) – these imprinted energies inform the chakras which inform or “download” information into the central nervous system where emotional and physical symptoms manifest. The practitioner identifies the compromised chakra, opens it counterclockwise by hand, rattle, or feather, and removes the heavy toxic energies. The chakra is then illuminated by filling it with pure golden white light, taken from the practitioner’s eighth chakra and beyond, and spins the chakra clockwise to close. The newly cleansed and white light filled chakra reinforms the central nervous system/light body and strengthens the immune system – long term emotional and physical manifestations may disappear or seemingly dissolve. The root is pulled and the ground is laid for new seeds to be planted and energy to flow.
    • Power/Spirit Animal Retrieval – Through the shamanic journey, a compassionate animal spirit, it’s personal message/medicine and a divine gift will be retrieved specifically from and for your soul. Spirit animals volunteer at our birth to be our guardians and companions, providing protection, wisdom, love, strength “Power”, healing, guidance, magic, insight and connection. They can be called upon at any time and merged with for potency. Each animal’s essence offers its own unique medicine and message. One can have several celestial animals ~ a winged, a furred, and a finned I find, as part of their soul family. Our spirit animals love us unconditionally and have deep admiration and respect for us for taking on this most momentous challenge of being human.
    • Soul Retrieval – Parts of our soul may have left and gone hiding in the spirit world during a very painful, scary, traumatic event/s in this life and/or a past that can leave us living a life without our full soul, vitality, and essence which manifests in all types of symptoms. In modern psychology, varying levels of trauma can cause what is often known as denial, repression, disassociation and obsessive and compulsive habits. The practitioner observes the wound through the shamanic journey, sometimes realistically and sometimes metaphorically, and next inquires with Spirit into the soul contracting around the wound so that the contract can be rewritten.  The practitioner observes and brings back the soul’s vitality and blows it into your heart and crown chakras to inform and reintegrate into your energy/light body. A “treasure” or gift from Spirit is retrieved and blown into the cleared chakras.
      It should be noted, that some individuals feel “nothing” following a Soul Retrieval and/or shamanic healing however with inquiry and/or awareness, often in the not too distant future, one may notice that things are not as they once were. Symptoms, issues, habits have many times dissolved; hopes, desires and dreams manifested. In the days following a Soul Retrieval some individuals can feel uneasy, anxious, a sense of dread, flu like symptoms, a symptom worsening or like something is wrong…this is sometimes part of the reorganization and reintegration process. Ways to self care, nurture, protect and gently integrate over the following days will be discussed. Earth painting is a wonderful way to bring the spirit world back into the physical world and body.
    • Destiny Retrieval – Through the shamanic journey retrieve one’s true destiny and authentic soul purpose. Retrieve a winged power animal. Embody your dreams.
    • Clearing of solid and fluid energies & entities – Using a clear double terminated quartz crystal, liquid energies or entities (another’s energy that has made a parasitic attachment to your light body) will be removed. The spirit/entity will be honored in a fire ceremony and returned to the light. The practitioner will utilize their hand chakras or a rattle to remove crystallized or solid energies that have become stuck in your light body/luminous enery field which can be felt as heat or objects that need removal with their energies returned to the earth for mulching and repurposing.
    • Earth Painting – Breathe ~ Close your eyes and surround yourself with the golden white light of divine love and protection. Imagine merging with your spirit animal or celestial guides. Think of the issue that you asked or will ask to be healed…choose a place in nature ~ in the sand, grass, or dirt ~ a place that speaks to you and that you feel a “yes” from Mother Earth. Make a circle about 10″ in diameter, place objects found in nature and/or of your choosing in the circle that remind you of the issue. After your healing, in whatever time feels right, you will revisit the circle. Feel free to remove objects, add objects, rearrange, or leave as is. This personal ceremony with your higher self further grounds the sacred into the physical for continued healing and integration. Give thanks and express gratitude for the life force that flows through all.

Important Disclaimer, Consent & Confidentiality:

As a client you understand that shamanic healing is not intended to replace licensed medical, psychological or mental health services to diagnose, treat or cure any physical or psychological illness or disease. Shamanic healing is not counseling or psychotherapy. You understand that shamanic healing can sometimes bring up issues of a highly personal nature that may cause you to experience emotional or physical responses that may be unexpected and/or unpleasant and cause some distress. You agree to assume this risk. You confirm that you do not suffer from any mental or physical impairment that might make it inadvisable for you to assume such risks. You will not hold the practitioner responsible for any discomfort or reaction you may experience directly or indirectly. You understand that you can ask the practitioner to stop the session at any time. Your sessions, disclosed information and content of your sessions are confidential unless there is a reasonably perceived threat of serious harm against yourself or another. You understand that you can ask the practitioner any questions in regard to the above information at any time.