What Clients Say

Kelley is an insightful, intuitive and knowledgeable practitioner. She leads fantastic solstice/equinox journey groups creating a safe spiritual space. The individual work I have done with her is very deep and long lasting. I love her humor, laugh and healing energy. I consider our work together an ongoing journey.

Sara T., LCSW

Health Coach

I've worked with Kelley both privately and in group sessions. I always leave feeling deeply connected to my own spirit, but also the ``guides`` who have come to me through her ancient, brilliant practices. I have so much more trust in my path and what I'm here to be, do, and give. I regularly use the imparted wisdom from my sessions to stay connected to my truth, nature, and own uniqueness. Her work has helped me weather personal storms and so much more!
I'd also must add that Kelley is a VERY special human being.. Her incredible capacity to hold space for people to heal, transform, and ultimately soar is remarkable!

Dr. Liz Dobbins

Having one session with Kelley was deep, transformative and healing. I felt profoundly seen by her and gently held. Her presence is kind, powerful, loving and intuitive. She met me right where I was and was able to support me moving through fears and blockages internally. Her practice felt grounded in ancient wisdom yet not appropriated either. The session took me beyond constructs in my mind that were holding me back and allowed the body and spirit to speak and be heard. It was a huge release that I continued to feel months afterward. I still have the rose quartz that she gave me after our session to remind me of the work we did together. I recommend Kelley to anyone who is ready for some healing in mind, body and spirit.

Naima S.

Our family has been blessed to work with Kelley over the years in many different capacities. She has lead ceremonies for our children and our family during momentous occasions and we have attended her journey groups, she has also given my husband and I private journey sessions which has deepened our marriage and our bond. She is a soulful, wise Shaman and has the capacity to hold a great deal of space for others. She meets people with warmth, grace and eternal love and her training as both a Shaman and a therapist allows her insights that are wicked smart. When I am in her company there is a sacred reverence like I am in the presence of the Divine and indeed I believe she channels the Divine effortlessly. Being with her feels sacred, calming, and quiets my soul. I have come to lean into the healing that only a Shaman who reveres real magic can. If you are interested in exploring any of Kelley’s healing modalities you will be giving yourself a loving gift.

Laura M. B.

I have been to a handful of Kelley's journeys over the past two years and I look forward to more. I slept so deeply after the last one. I have discovered my three spirit animals during my travels as well as made contact with some of my ancestors. Kelley keeps a steady drum beat to hold the sacred space. She is humble, gifted and playful in her craft. She can skillfully help you soar in the spirit realm while keeping you anchored to the earth. She creates a safe, inviting space for the group where everyone can spread out, relax and go on their unique journey and then share if they choose. I am so grateful for Kelley and this energy rich seasonal event. It has brought great insight and joy into my life.

Dr. Sara V., D. C.
Network Practitioner
Hikari Chiropractic, Berkeley CA

I highly recommend Kelley as a shamanic healer and guide. When I went to her for a session I was in a panic and felt no light in my life. I was really in a desperate place. Kelley was gentle, insightful and her shamanic work with me brought light back into my life. It was a very powerful experience. When working with Kelley she is attentive, listens openly, and provides care that is appropriate for the issues at hand. Kelley's healing energy will help you move forward positively in your life.

Elisabeth E.

I have had many powerful sessions with Kelley. She's present and inviting from the moment we meet. Her gracious manner allows space for all of the facets of my being that are available. There is no pressure but generous support. And I love how the work allows direct access to core feelings, thoughts, and issues without confrontation or rigidity. It's like having access to a back door that can provide immeasurable insights. No amount of talk therapy could have provided the insight of a single soul retrieval. I highly recommend Kelley. Don't wait for healing, go see her today.

Ken G.

I have participated in Kelley's guided Shamanic journeys over the past several years and I could not recommend her with more passionate encouragement for anyone interested in such a journey. She is a friendly guide who helped me open my mind and do something I never imagined possible! I can’t wait for my next opportunity to join her!

Thomas M.