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Winter Solstice Journey Ceremony 2021 ~ Going Inward
Tuesday, December 21st, 2021 @6:30p-9:30p PST
Live and recorded via Zoom.
Relax your mind and body from the comfort of your home and access your multi-dimensional self.
Receive with your extra-ordinary senses.
Transcend, transform and connect at the speed of light.
Allow your celestial team and higher beings of light to provide healing and information of your asking.
To RSVP and attend, email:
before 5pm PST the day of the event. You will be sent an email with the payment link.
Upon payment of $44 non-refundable USD, by 6pm PST the day of the event, you will be emailed the Zoom link and shamanic drumming link.
No experience necessary ~ instructions provided.
We will have two 20 minute shamanic drumming journey sessions that follow our opening welcome and instruction.
There will be a voluntary brief share after both journey sessions before we give thanks and close our sacred space.
  • Please test the drumming link on a handheld device with headphones for best quality.
  • Have a comfortable place to lie down,  an eye mask, blanket, favorite drink and any sacred items of your choosing. You may want to light a candle and smudge to prepare for your journey.
  • If you like, have a journal and writing instrument to jot down what you received after each journey.
“It is like going on a magical, mystical, mysterious journey every time.”
Lisa M.


Shamanism and Shamanic Journeying is one of the oldest forms of healing and spirituality known to humans and to our indigenous and tribal ancestors. Tens of thousands of years old, it is our natural and divine birth rite for deep connection, healing, and information from Spirit.

Come relax in sacred space and journey to the beat of the shaman’s drum. Allow your mind, body and soul to attune to the universal energy field around us and of us. Access the non-physical plane or “parallel universe” and the compassionate and helping Spirits that reside there. Retrieve a power animal, spirit guide, wisdom, healing, and/or information of your asking. Your loved ones and ancestors await you!

In Everlasting Life
~ Kelley

Shaman KK